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Business Standard package

High Quality

* 7 page website
* Photogallery
* Services
* Search in website
* Contact form more...

Business Premium package

High Quality

* Archyval system
* News
* Guestbook
* Audio & video
* Comment
more ...

Business Ultra package

High Quality

* Exclusive design
* Flash elements
* Archyval system
* Guestbook
* Comment

IMarketing 15

content - SEO

There are no translations available.

Number of Keywords / Phrases targeted: 10-15

META Tags Creation

Manual Submission to TOP search engines

Manualy submissions to 3000 individually reviewed web directories

Manualy submissions to 300 social bookmarking websites

Manualy submissions to 120 article directories

Website Review

SEO Site Map

SEO Navigation Optimization

Google Site Map

Google XML Sitemap

SEO Keyword Density

Search Engine Ranking Reports



Pricing of SEO Gold package

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Google APPS Reseller

Google partner


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