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Business Standard package

High Quality

* 7 page website
* Photogallery
* Services
* Search in website
* Contact form more...

Business Premium package

High Quality

* Archyval system
* News
* Guestbook
* Audio & video
* Comment
more ...

Business Ultra package

High Quality

* Exclusive design
* Flash elements
* Archyval system
* Guestbook
* Comment

About us

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About Our Web Design Packages

We are a leading web design company in Armenia that offers various web design solutions for international market. Our services include custom website design, e-commerce website design, website optimization for search engines, web development for European and North American countries like UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, USA and Canada.

G DESIGN GROUP team includes experienced internet professionals, software developers, web marketing experts and web designers. We are always there to serve our customers with the latest services according to their demand and expectation. We constantly come up with new solutions and offers in web development and web design services according to new technologies and market needs.

Approach towards job at G Design group has always been customer and market communication- centric, aimed at providing unique and innovative solutions keeping in mind your target consumer  audience. As a small company we are flexible and work in partnership with our client to build a long lasting relationship.

Our latest venture in custom web design packaging has been the result of various research and changes in internet marketing strategies. The idea of getting only a cheap web design service has passed long ago. We brought up the  idea that unless a website brings value in terms of customers and brend identity, the purpose of having a website is defeated.

Various clients come to us for their website redesigning having a proved idea that it will make their efforts better and the renovated look of their web will surely attract customers. This is somewhat  true. Today the web traffic is driven by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. A goodly created website might arise interest in those who visit it. Whether  how to bring visitors to your website is a different ball game. Here the  need of Search Engine optimization for your website, search engine submission and directory listing along with link exchange arises.

From this point of view we differ from other companies who operate web design packages. Alongside with your website design we optimize it as well by submitting your website in search engines and doing one way linking. Here you come to say that many other Web design companies can submit your website in search engines like we do but thay’ll never optimize or give guarantee for your website  optimization which is quite possible to realize by our company. If you look for custom, affordable website design and web design packages at affordable price, you are pleased to contact us today.

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